Sunday, July 15, 2012

durian's hunt!


officemate ajak jln2 g bentong carik durian
ok set
i decided to ride my bike
others will go there by their car
so we meet up at BHP after tol Gombak
plan 12pm
but only meet up around 1240pm

ride around 120~140km/h
all of them go with their car
so i need to follow from behind

then arrived Bentong town around 130pm
1st destination is Kow Po Ice-cream
my friend told me this place is famous with their homemade ice cream
 so i order ABC (price start from rm4)
for me its nice one but not so tasty as baskin robbin or etc ;p

then we continue our journey to looking for durian!

frankly speak, they sell to high-priced compared in KL
 so we decide just buy a few then find place to eat together
we straight go to Air Terjun Chamang
around 10km from Bentong town

1st time going there
it's very nice place
not so crowds like Sg Gabai and Sg Congkak at Hulu Langat
reached there around 230pm

weather is rain a bit
eat durian, mandi2 and take some picture

pic taken with my samsung galaxy ace and edited with picsay pro (free apps)

we packed our stuff and goirn back KL around 630pm
stop by Masjid Daerah Bentong for praying 1st

around 700pm we start our journey to go back KL
traffic lil bit slow maybe this is Sunday so people from the east coast going back from their hometownbut that's not a problem for rider like me coz can 'cilok2' 

along the way back is rain a bit
luckily i meet a convoy of big bike (ER6, Versys, Z750 and etc)
so i followed them until RNR Gombak
they ride around 90~140km/h that's why i can follow
haha ;p 

Finally reached home around 800pm

Ride to Genting Highland


After finished my work
Don't have plan what to do next
so ride around KL town
suddenly i saw Genting Higland advertisement at one building at JLN TAR
then decided to ride uphill

this is my 1st time go to Genting Highland
so just ride slowly

arrived there around 330pm
its take around 45 minutes by slowly ride (50km/h)
sadly on that time KL is 'Jerebu' so can't see view KL from top of genting
next time maybe ;p

FOG gathering at Putrajaya

This is my 1st time joined SBF by FOG (fz owner group) at Putrajaya
Its very nice to meet up new people and share info regarding our bike

almost 4+ bikes joint this event

1st born of rider tayar golek


macam canteeeek je tarikh ni
ni date aku dapat motor fz
beli 2ndhand dari org Nilai

dapat moto trus anta bengkel wat servis & pasang acc..hehe

reason WHY aku pilih motor ni
(before this aku gune lc135 1st model)
1) tank besar (ley jln jauh w/out worry minyak abis tgh jalan
2) cc besar skit dari lc135
3) new tech ; injection type (fuel saving)
4) x de bajet nk amik 250..hehe ;p

p/s : this bike berbaloi utk org x de bajet besar tp berangan nk bwk superbike ;p